10 Most Expensive MotorCycles in 2018

10 Most Expensive MotorCycles in 2018

10 Most Expensive MotorCycles in 2018!
Motorcycles have always been related to a different lifestyle. A different way to enjoy the journey and not just as a simple means of transportation.
These are the 10 most expensive motorcycles around the world in 2018.
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Number 10: MV Agusta F4 RC,
Price from 51000 US dollars
it has a short stroke engine of 998 cubic centimetres, 205 horse power engine. {13,450 revolutions per minute}

Number 9: Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide
Price starting from 55000 USD
Milwaukee 117 engine, 6.5 inch, colourful touchScreen

Number 8: Kawasaki Ninja H2R
from 67000 USD
prepared for H2 circuit, 310 horsepower engine powered by a compressor, speed= 300 kilometers per hour, electronic aids and chassis.

Number 7: Brough Superior SS100
Price from 76000 USD
expensive classic model, created by Georges Brough, 200 km/h, powerful engine of 1000 CC, British Only Austria , 10,000 rpm.

Number 6: Spirit GP Sport R
price 97000 USD
180HP, 140kg, most exclusive model.

Number 5: Ducati 1299 Super-Leggera
price from 113000 USD
A design full of carbon fibre, magnesium and titanium.
a unique master piece, 215 HP, a feeling of uniqueness out of this world.

Number 4: Confederate G2 P51 CF
Price from 148000 USD
a V twin engine at fifty six degrees, 2100 CC, front end parallelogram suspension system, integrated fuel tank.

Number 3: Midual Type 1
price from 172000 USD
a twin boxer engine of 180 degrees, 1030 CC, 106 horsepower, 80,000 rpm.

Number 2: Honda RC213V-S
Price from 235000 USD
street model, used by Marc Marquez to win the world championships.

Number 1: Tamburini T12 Massimo
price from 370000 USD
Tamburiniโ€™s project, superbike that mixes efficient technology, radical characteristics and the best components in the motorcycle market. four-cylinder engine by BMWS 1000 rr, full knowledge and wisdom left by the Italian Engineer, Tamburini.

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